Thermo Tights with DRYARN PRN1007 col. 206

-34% Thermo Tights with DRYARN PRN1007 col. 206

Winter thermo - Tights DRYARN - this is a warm thermo tights especially suitable for intense sports accompanied by intense sweat such as cycling, running, cross-country skiing, hockey, football and other activities in a cool environment. Optimum material composition DRYARN and MERYL SKINLIFE, 3D seamless knitting technology, Italian design and more than 30 years of experience - all this is a guarantee of your satisfaction.
Dryarn ® is an innovative polypropylene microfiber that provides a high level of protection for products such as underwear, sportswear and special industrial applications, even in extreme conditions.
Polypropylene - is one of the best materials in the world used in the manufacture of underwear, thermal and medical clothing. Even today, this material meets the highest demands on hygiene and is environmentally friendly. The molecular structure of polypropylene consists of carbon and hydrogen, two substances with high resistance to aggressive substances (acids, bases, solvents, and so on). This causes the fiber to be chemically united, maintains its integrity during washing, and prevents paint loss, clutter, overcoat or other changes. All polypropylene fibers are inherently bacteriostatic, inhibit the conditions for the growth of harmful microorganisms, are also hypoallergenic and therefore are not harmful even to the most sensitive skin. This is the main reason why polypropylene is often used in healthcare even in the manufacture of sterile gauze, surgical masks, diapers for babies and so on ...

Breathability: Polypropylene has a specific gravity of 0.9 so it is lighter than water and has the ability to absorb 'moisture lower than any other known fiber. This makes polypropylene a fiber that can not sweat the sweat but only transport it to the top layers of clothing, providing a permanent dryness on the surface of the body.
Use: Use alone for cycling, running or trekking in spring or autumn, or as a lower layer under functional clothing, in a cooler environment or in the rain. The Dryan fabric itself has excellent thermoregulatory properties, allowing for a wide range of climates. 3D structure: Back and abdominal area designed to accelerate perspiration sweating outward, keeping your body dry. Micro - perforated zones in the heel and on the back to optimize ventilation.
Heat insulation: Because it is a hollow fiber, polypropylene keeps heat better than any other fiber. Its thermal insulation is 30% higher than that of other commonly-sold technical fibers, and more than a wave of waves.
Drying: The drying rate of polypropylene fibers is higher than for all known natural and synthetic fibers.
92% polypropylene DRYARN®
8% elastane

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